Sometimes it works this way ~

Really love how these magical creations came together so quick and easy,  like all the parts had been just waiting to come into being. That was a nice day on the tiny deck.

Old bottles from a store that was being cleared out in Manitou, leather pieces & river stones, brass beads and mostly pheasant feathers gifted from Magic Bob ... makes me feel good to look at them.


  1. I would stare and drift off into thought with this lovely, yet peaceful display sitting there in front of me ... what a beautiful way to display these gorgeous rocks, bottles, leather, feathers and beads. LOVE it

  2. oh! I love this feathery goodness:)
    What a sweet idea; makes my heart smile.
    thanks for sharing your creations,

  3. these really do possess magic...old, used, new, reborn.
    they are tactile with the leather, beads, and feathers, and the ROCKS in the bottles...perfect base!
    great place you went with these bits and pieces.