He joined us during the snow storm ...


  1. Very very cool!!! I love his big nose.

  2. These are adorable!! Yes, go Broncos!!! So funny to be watching the game here so early in the morning! xoxo

  3. The Broncos got their win! Woo Hoo!
    These guys are such characters! I took a walk at a city park yesterday, a place I usually do not go. But there were 4 men, all with canes, one with a dog, hanging out behind the closed snack shack at the city pool. They reminded me of Larry's people.

  4. Oh, he is dapper:) Handsome guy.
    Must be so special to be handcarved by someone you love.
    Congrats on the broncos win. They deserved it!
    Hope your snowfall is gentle and you get some dry ground
    to tramp around on soon.

  5. oh I love these guys! The first one reminds me of the old photos of immigrants on Ellis Island. That is such an amazing exhibit and I loved seeing the faces in those pictures. There was one that looked identical to my husband's sister, and when we read the description she was coming from the same country that their grandfather is from. Crazy how that happens.

    Congrats on the Bronco win!

  6. I like him! and his coat too!
    So nice work from Larry. (both guys are beautiful).