another snowstorm and more new folks show up


  1. Greetings from the farm! So seeing Larry's art! xoxo!

  2. I think I'll write this down and tack it to my wall...or keep it in my book.

  3. I love that term of 'ancient knowing.' How true that is when you are with someone that you know you can tell them anything and they just understand. My husband, my sister and one or two friends that I might not see for years but when I do we pick up exactly where we left off. Such a peaceful feeling that is. Those are some salt-of-the-earth folks that showed up and I bet they have some life stories to tell. They are perfect

  4. I love your new neighbors:)
    And the words you share:)
    Happy snowstorm-weathering.
    Springtime is going to be such a fantastic treat
    to all of your senses.
    To borrow words from John Denver, it will fill them up
    for sure.
    Until then, stay warm by the fire.
    You'll be barefoot again soon enough:)

  5. Ah, John O'Donohue... always a pleasure to read his words and to see a new sculpture. :)

  6. the word "ancient" is a strong feeling in this poem. and the last line "you come home to each other at last"...very emotionally powerful.
    And what a comfortable couple Larry brought to life!