Today ...


  1. How lovely that your angel found a feather, and that your man is switching up his look. Old or new, switching it up is refreshing. I always feel better. I am partial to wooden boxes. Especially cedar ones. My favorite in my collection is a NW Indian bentwood box. Truly amazing. Have you ever seen one? might need to send you a pic

  2. Being a sucker for a beard, Larry sure got my attention! He looks great! Does he miss the hair? The box and the angel and then the feather were sweet finds of the day. And your banana pudding ~ oh that must be so yummy!

  3. Always so many sweet little morsels in your postings! Wow! Did you keep Larry's ponytail? :) Love knowing you collect wooden boxes...and oh my my my...loving the looks of that banana pudding. Bet it didn't last long! xoxo

  4. It is nice to see that spring is showing up at your house, (though I just saw a photo of snow on your fb page), and that you are out and about enjoying life! I would love some of that banana pudding! xoxo

  5. Oh. my. gosh.
    Can't get past the banana pudding!
    And made with meringue on top, lightly toasted (perfect)
    Oh I'm hungry now.
    I think there were lovely things you said and showed
    before that pudding, but I've forgotten it all now:)
    Love and happy pudding time,

  6. So beautiful angel!
    Larry is amazing even without his ponytail!