Still making

Still being quiet, still paying close attention, still hoping and praying. Yesterday started our third week of being home with just a couple of quick trips out for supplies. We feel lucky that we can do that, even though we would really rather not. We also feel lucky and grateful to have each other's company and to have places where we can go for the ever important walks ... we have big, beautiful trees, trails that follow the creek, and lately, very mild, sunny days which help so much.

But I really envy those who have gardens right now. It would feel like heaven to stroll through one or sit and read or plant or pick and breathe deeply of flowers. As always, I miss Spring in the South.

This is just a reaching out to say hello and hope you are well, hope you are enjoying all that you can, hope you are being safe and staying sane and taking good care.


  1. I wrote out a long post and it disappeared and it's pissed me off.🤯 So I'm sorry this will be short...but know that we are thinking of you both! I just can't focus and I'm spending more time doing mundane stuff outside. Hoping things will come together soon. Love you!!

  2. Reaching in to say hello back, dear you:) It's been a beauty of a Spring in the South. Everything is blooming most recklessly:) The blossoms are in full bloom. We'll be wilting in humidity once you get your blossoms, I imagine, but then you'll enjoy the dry warm while we're sweltering. We all have such allergies around here it's impossible to not freak out at the grocery store because so many sneezing and wheezing and coughing just from the pollen! Strange world, this.

  3. hello to you and Larry.... glad you're able to get out when you need to, and hope you're enjoying some beautiful walks. they seem necessary for sanity at the moment

  4. Your soft colors are so comforting to look at ~ all creamy and beige ~ and your branches are lovely. I've only been as far South as Tennessee in the Springtime. But the Indigo Girls' "Southland in the Springtime" makes me want to go farther. Love and peace and good health to you and Larry.

  5. You are so right about the garden. I don't quite know what how to stay calm without my garden, digging in the soil, getting dirt under my fingernails, planting and dreaming up a different design for the garden in some parts.
    I'm mostly thankful - that both of us still have our jobs, that we can work from home, that we have each other - and for British TV mystery series!
    Stay healthy my friend - this too shall pass, but it will take a while and our new "normal" might look different from before the pandemic.