Keeping on


I've never thought too much about getting old but I sure have lately. Being children of the 50's and 60's so many of us were convinced we would never reach 30 and yes, so many didn't.

Yet here we are, still trying to figure it out. It's hard to make sense of the world we find ourselves in now because we are people who will always have questions. I love the idea of faith but I lean toward science.

The most important thing I've learned about getting old(er), old(ish) is that there is a lot of time to lose a lot of people and that is some heart breaks that we're dealing with.

So while living in such a special place that also happens to be at the top of the list for loud noise every minute of every day we are making efforts to remain calm, to keep doing what helps us the most ... taking advantage of the studio space we have, putting ideas into being with clay, fabric, tiny beads and beautiful gifts from nature, walking, taking photos and naps, reading and lots of deep breaths.

As we wait today on word about another loved one I wanted to share a few of the most recent pieces from Larry.

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