sometimes it just takes awhile

I found out that the great appeal working on these little prayer wings hold for me is that I have no idea how they are going to turn out. That's what I also enjoy about making the love notes, just start with the same idea, gather supplies and keep open thoughts and let it flow. As much as I love making leather bags the process is very different because they must turn out a certain way with precise measurements and super strong connections being a priority. I also keep in mind that a person will be using it so I want it to fit them, be easy with their life style and hope that they love it. So there is always concern.

With the love notes, wall hangings and prayer wings there is the hope and idea that they will find the places they belong.

  I am finished making these little wings for now but not over the love for them so there will be more later on. For now, since we are still having some cold days, the beads have returned to the table upstairs where it stays very cozy.





  1. Susan these are amazingly beautiful.
    I love the heart of this project!
    You are an amazing artist in every way.
    Big joy to you in the creative dance,

  2. These are precious and so cool. I can see why their magic draws you in.

  3. More gorgeousness!!! But then I love everything you create! ❤️

  4. Why haven't I seen this before? These are lovely, Susan. Yes, it is nice to see what will turn out, not having to stick to certain measurements and work more freely, let the process take the lead and see where it will end. These prayer wings are simply wonderful. I almost don't dare to ask you whether you are selling them.

  5. Love notes and prayer wings - this is wonderful:)
    I haven't been around in a while - my plate feels extra slippery these days.
    Just feels hard to travel, even in bloggy world.
    But my eyes are singing over these lovelies. Such clever, beautiful little bites of art!
    Are they up in your shop?
    You do create the most imaginative beauty,


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