a few more wings & birthday thoughts


It seemed like a good morning to finish up with the prayer wings, take their pictures and clear off the work table ... there are so many other things to think about at this time.

Like waking up being a different age, so exciting that I've made it this far but with a side of scary, too. So many new ways of living to navigate and deep changes in our world to try to understand.

I have always felt like the new year starts on my birthday and make my hopes and wishes then as I'm doing today. I made one of these prayer wings to keep for myself, to focus on when I speak my thoughts while starting out the day, sending as much goodness and as many positive vibes that I can muster out my window and into the world. 

Mostly I want to take this chance to say thank you to all of you who stop by here, for most of us it has been a sweet journey of many years ... visiting and supporting each other with much learning and growing along the way. I wish all great and wonderful things in this future of ours and will always keep the faith, will forever share my truth and will remain beyond grateful.


  1. prayer wings:) gosh i love those. so beautiful.
    i imagine so many soulful walks finding each of those feathers - so lovely.
    happy happy happy birthday (and, yes, with a side of scary:))
    you are wonderful and i'm so very glad that you got born:)

  2. Your post is the fourth thing I’ve run into today that mentions prayer. I’ll have to ponder that. And the mention of prayer wings is perfect.

  3. Wow Susan, these are beautiful prayer wings. Your craftsmanship is impressive.
    Since we're almost birthday twins I understand your sentiment that the new year begins with the birthday. I often feel like that as well.

  4. Friend...these are gorgeous and full of such goodness, there are no words xo Thank you for the good work that you do, the beautiful creations that you share...thank you for your heart


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