"Brave is the man who loves a wild woman" ... Johnny Ox


 My sweet granddaughter was wed this past weekend. Jenna & Dan finally got to say their marriage vows to each other. We couldn't be with them so on that morning I wanted to start this pair of earrings I'd been interested in learning to do.

I wove tiny beads for hours and thought of her, wondering what she was doing and how she was feeling. I remembered when she was just a little girl but already pretty much a spitfire and I also realized all the wonderful things she's already done in her life and so happy that one of them was to find her forever love.

I came to the computer a few times throughout the day to see if there were any wedding photos, my sister sent me some early the next morning and it was a glorious thing to see all the love & joy.

Also, there is between this special couple a deep understanding of being totally devoted to each other and this new life that they've made so I knew that this pair of earrings would be named Devotion and all this thrills me so, I can't wait to see what happens next.


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  1. These are beautiful!! And so love the quote! Seeing your incredible beading work reminds me to tell you that we are supporting a women's center in the Masaai Mara in Kenya for the women of the villages to earn money to help support their families. I would love to show them this beading work from the USA. Would you mind if I did that? I would just like for them to know there's incredible work being done here in our country (you!) just like them! Thank you!


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