A brand new bag ...

      ... for me!

And since it is for me I was so happy to use this beautiful, heavy silver and turquoise piece made for me by Robert Talltree when he had his silversmith shop in Manitou in the early 80's, when we were all so young and pretty and the town was so much fun!

Then I decided to finish up this sweet bee medicine bag, truly one of a kind for someone who might need a bit of honey pouring into each day.

Hope it's a wonderful weekend wherever you are ~

Once again ~

                                       Thank you so much, sweet woman ... Jennifer @ Ripplespeak

Working women

We all are ... working at our art, our lives, jobs, friendships. Working at being a good partner, parent, observer. All of these things make up who we are in the world.

And it always makes my world a better, brighter place when I meet a woman who I click with instantly, like in a flash.  Such a very special one is my gal, RobinMarie, a hard working, fun loving, photo taking world traveler and I get to hook up with her 
over at her space, 
Gotham Girl Chronicles.

A while back she ask me to make her a bag and only shared the size and the length of the strap that she knew worked perfectly for how she would use it. She left the rest up to me and I wanted to use this deep, rich saddle brown piece of deer hide.

This is how it turned out, with a beautiful bone bead on the front and a few dangling from the front & back of the long strap. And of course a tiny brass heart. We both love it.

            And we both would love for you to come visit over at her amazingly gorgeous site.