a bit of gold for the hoilday

                                                                new gold belt bag #017 

                                   Hope you all have a wonderful, fun, safe weekend!

let it be let it be let it be yeah, let it be ~

Something else that helps to keep my world right is reading these words from Pixie Lighthorse, a young old soul who has so much goodness to share and wisdom to teach.

"Walk the long road with those who always want to know more about you and who you always 
yearn to know more about.

Walk with those who match your level of seeking, no matter the source of their 
curiosity and inspiration.

Share your passionate heart with your equals and be open to their wisdom, simple or strange.

There is a deep healing to be found up in the hills with your hill people, down by the river with your river people and in the heart with your heart people."

I guess what I keep remembering is to search for your people, don't just expect the ones who are supposed to care to always show up and to have your back, you could be disappointed and hurt ... instead, seek to "be with those who help your being" rumi.

Sometimes it works this way ~

Really love how these magical creations came together so quick and easy,  like all the parts had been just waiting to come into being. That was a nice day on the tiny deck.

Old bottles from a store that was being cleared out in Manitou, leather pieces & river stones, brass beads and mostly pheasant feathers gifted from Magic Bob ... makes me feel good to look at them.