Vision & Verb redux

I thought since there is still so much energy and time being devoted to the big (to tiny) move and I really don't want to blab about that anymore that I would revisit my Vision & Verb posts, starting with the very first one and since today is this sweet man's birthday again it seems very right.

Faith & Hope
February 18th 2012

This photo of my dad, Johnny Paul, has been around for so long, but I am seeing it in such a different way lately. After being a mom and a grandma, and finally becoming a grown up, I can see the very young, very scared boy.  A quiet, sweet country boy from Georgia wondering how he came to be on this cold mountain in a far away land.

And I can see now, too, how it was for him when he finally came home. He came home to meet Dorothy, a city girl with a pack of sisters, and the two of them married and had three daughters. The man was surrounded by women, all pretty high spirited, to say the least.

Thu the years the families grew - an outrageous amount of cousins who turned into our own crazy, wild pack. And of course, there were all the uncles. I remember at so many family get togethers, all of these slim, handsome men gathered to the side, away from the noise, having serious conversations. Usually Uncle Melvin, who had lost a leg during a ship battle, could lighten things up with one of his jokes and big laugh.

After knowing war so constantly in our daily lives for so many years now, I hope and pray that those uncles were helping each other deal with things after they were home. I don't think they talked much about it to the women, I know as girls we did not give it a lot of thought, as sad as that seems.

But I see that we can have faith in the girls around now, in countries all over, with their sharp minds and deep passions. I truly believe that this next generation, all these young people who want peace and good lives, will not tolerate another decade like we've had and they will nurture a 
belief in a better way.

 I think they will get it right.
Happy Birthday, Daddy, once again ~~ love you, miss you.

I did not include here all the wonderful, warm comments left by the sweet V&V sisters when this was published but I read them all again just now and I'm reminded of what a special group of women who were pulled together for this project, of all the encouragement, learning and fun we had ~ 
I really miss it so much.

A brand new week.

If, for some crazy reason, you've not visited Robin's site yet, pleaseplease take the time to go, now!
Soak in the beauty, gaze into some of the most lovely faces, breathe the air of far away lands and let her share the future plans and visions of her heart ... go, soar along with her, you'll love every minute.

golden lightness of being

Gotham Girl came to visit and lit up this little town and my heart, so of course I wanted to create a special love note for her.  She's a force on the move, with one amazing journey after another and more fabulous ones on the horizon.

 I kept the front of this piece in soft, natural shades of whites and creams that always just flow for me,

but the back is all Robin ... color and passion and full of life. 
Love when these special people come through my life.

For all of you who treasure feathers as much as both of us, you may have noticed Robin's unique ring ... you can have the pleasure of checking out more here.