good stuff

Being a non baker sort of gal, I was happy to come across a couple of good & easy ways to play with bread during the holidays, one uses yeast and makes such a nice, soft dough. I used it for a fantastic pizza last week and today I just chunked off pieces and baked them in a muffin tin ... 
tasty with butter & honey along side eggs and cheese grits for an early lunch. 

The other doesn't use yeast so makes a nice flat bread topped with anything you can imagine.
 Rolled out thinner they work great for taco type fillings. 

                     I love any kinds of recipes that call for a very limited number of ingredients!

a nice thing to look forward to

I've been sitting with this luscious piece of deerskin for a couple of days, 
the color is called Cognac,  and tomorrow I get to start a second bag for Abby, you can see her first one at the top there in medicine bags, it turned out pretty dreamy!

I'm going to keep my mind and hands busy this week and maybe when I look up the world 
will have righted itself. 

Plus we will be having a special visit from a very sweet son 
and that's a wonderful thing to look forward to.