Always ...

                                                              "always roaming with a hungry heart"
                                                                              alfred tennyson

                                      If only it was as simple as knowing where the best apple tree grew.

We have gone far ~

What a wild and joyous ride it has been but sad to say that my last post for Vision & Verb is up today. I hope you'll find time to make it over ... we're saying so long to a delightful group.

Hot, Hot weekend!

That's all I have to say about it. My friend, Kelly, writes beautifully about the weather, her garden and her naughty kitten over at Blue Muse ... I always enjoy anything that she shares.

 I'm still crushing on my pretty new bowl and also loving the words there that settle just so perfectly with me right now. Thanks ever so much, Mindy!

It's those little things that get me every time ...

                                                             Louann Horton's Funky Dingo
                                                                    High Cotton Farms